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I stay very busy.  I tutor full-time, and here and there I conduct and supervise ACT and SAT prep classes in California.  When I'm not busy with classes and all that they entail, I can be found honing my skills: I tutor high school kids one on one.  Although this is hard work, tutoring, I have discovered, is the only way to maintain my level of knowledge of these tests.  And believe it or not, even after all these years, I am still learning about these tests.

The ACT, SAT, and PSAT  tests are very tutorable (coachable) because these tests cover only a very limited range of topics.  For a test prep expert, half the battle is learning exactly what is going to be on these tests, and the other half is mastering these areas and finding the easiest ways to impart that knowledge.

Let's get one thing straight:

      I don't think most tutoring businesses can dramatically raise a child's score; however, I think I can. 

Many people underestimate the importance of SAT and ACT scores in the college admissions process.  At "good" colleges and universities, SAT and ACT scores often count more than all four years of high school grades.  Of course, other things, such as personal statements, leadership activities, and other extracurricular activities,  such as sports participation, count too.  But it is SAT and ACT scores which give the admissions staff an opportunity to compare applicants with the same yardstick.   Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the SAT's or ACT's value, many high achievers see SAT and ACT scores as a rough measure of a student's intelligence or at least of a student's academic ability.  Because of this belief and because there is a fairly strong correlation between high SAT and ACT scores and good grades in college, these tests will continue to be of paramount importance for a long time.  

While I don't think prepping for the SAT I Math section is especially helpful for most students' college grades,  I think SAT Critical Reading Prep and SAT Writing Prep both have a direct, positive effect on college grades.  In other words, SAT prep can help a student  perform well in college.  I cannot imagine a student being able to write well unless the student scored a 650+ on the SAT I Writing or being able to read well unless the student scored 650+ on the SAT I Critical Reading.  Students who score under a 650 on the SAT Critical Reading have great difficulty understanding complex reading passages and will have to play catch-up in a "good" college.  

As you can tell, I take test prep seriously.  I think you should, too.  Therefore, you should contact me so that we can get started working on your child's/children's future.
Philip Hawes
SAT, PSAT, ACT, & LSAT Test Prep Tutoring
for Monterey, Santa Cruz, Carmel, Salinas, Pacific Grove, Saratoga, 
Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, Orinda, Lafayette, and Danville, California

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