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Carmel CA SAT and ACT Tutoring
The vast majority of my business is SAT and PSAT Test Prep Tutoring.  Almost every day I tutor SAT or PSAT prep for 3 to 6 hours, sometimes even 8 hours (which makes for a very long day since I drive to clients' homes).  I'm a very experienced SAT teacher, so that sort of makes me an expert at SAT prep.  If you are wise, you will get a very experienced (and very patient) tutor like me, one who can raise your child's score a reasonable amount.

What can you expect from me?  Most kids can expect a 200 to 350 point increase to their official SAT score if they diligently complete the homework I assign ​and have at least 6 1.5-hour lessons with me.  That's not asking much for such large returns.

I don't have to assign homework, but usually I assign an untimed practice test from "the blue book" (The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition).  The students completes the test, spreading out the sections as needed, and then grades it BEFORE I come over.  Completing a test can take around 4 and a half hours total.  Then I come over and go over each problem the student missed or had a question on.  Doing that takes around 1.5 hours.

If a parent wants me to, I can sit with the student while the student does each question, eliminating the need for homework.  Doing so has several advantages.  One is that I can tell the student alternative ways of doing the same  problem.  This comes in handy with the SAT Math section because many of the problems have alternative solutions.   I have seen some problems that have six different ways of doing them, all leading to the correct answer.  Obviously a student has a big advantage if he or she learns a large variety of ways of solving the math problems.

Please feel free to contact me even if you just want to ask a few questions.​  My cell phone number is 408-250-7607

Whether​ you want SAT Math, SAT Critical Reading, or SAT Writing Prep, you can rest assured that I will do an excellent job.

I tutor SAT, ACT,  and PSAT Prep in Carmel-by-the-Sea  and Carmel Valley, California.

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