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by Philip Hawes
I am an SAT Prep  Expert, and I'm here to teach you how to get a great SAT score!  I can also help with ACT and PSAT tutoring.
I have an official SAT score on the new SAT I of 2390 (out of 2400).  That is certainly a 99th percentile score!  Besides having a great score, I have lots of tutoring experience.  I have tutored hundreds of SAT students and dozens of PSAT students.

I did not cheat on the SAT, but many people do.  Please look at my link on "cheating" if you really want a higher score; some kids take the SAT with different time limits, so they can have hours of extra time to take the test.  I took the SAT with the normal short time limits, though.

I tutor Cupertino students in their homes and at the Cupertino Library.  My students vary from those who are striving for a 2400 to those who are trying to get just an 1800. 

I can help both types of student, because of the method I use to find students' weakpoints.  Usually I give a student an untimed practice test (around 4 hours of work) for homework.  The students takes the test at his or her leisure and then grades it.  When we meet, I cover only the problems the student missed or left blank or guessed on.  In this way, I go over only what the student is having difficulty with.  Also, I throw in test-taking strategies, tricks, and techniques, such as picking numbers for variables and plugging the answer choices into the problem. During the first lesson or two, I almost always review some math and grammar rules.  Eventually, I cover the SAT Writing Essay, which is an unusual writing exercise, unlike anything kids do in school.  Most kids need to drastically improve their vocabularies, which can take many hours of self study.   After a few lessons, I tailor the homework to the student's needs.  I am very flexible and prefer unregimented routines, although I sometimes have to impose draconian programs on those students who cannot ​function without structure.

My cell is 408-250-7607