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I have been tutoring SAT and PSAT Prep a very long time.  I've tutored hundreds of SAT prep students over the years, and I am around 99% positive I can improve your child's official test score by an appreciable amount.  If I can't, then nobody can.

The SAT demands that students be able to read and comprehend complex passages, understand basic mathematical concepts (not just mindlessly memorize formulas), and be consciously aware of grammatical rules (not just go by what "sounds good").  

Fortunately, I can help your child with all of these and more.  Most kids are capable of adding around 300 points to their SAT total, with ten hours of tutoring from a highly skilled and experienced tutor like me.

I have helped students boost their SAT scores enough to get into MIT, NYU, Stanford, the UCs, and many other notable colleges and universities. Some of these kids got large merit scholarships based on their high SAT scores in order to help foot the bill.  

See my "List of Services" and "SAT Prep Tutoring" page for more information.​

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