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Lafayette SAT,
Prep Tutoring
by Philip Hawes
I am Lafayette's best SAT/PSAT tutor.
I am also Lafayette's best ACT tutor.

I am an SAT Prep Specialist, and I have an official SAT score of 2390 (out of 2400) on the new SAT I.  ​Since 1997, when I was a mere tyro in the tutoring business, I have tutored hundreds of SAT prep students.  Almost all of my students have made dramatic gains to their scores.  An average SAT student gains around 300 points.  Typically, the distribution is as follows:
120 point increase in SAT Writing
100 point increase in SAT Math
80-90 point increase in SAT Critical Reading

Of course you know that at good colleges and universities, SAT scores are more important than grades when it comes to college admissions.  What you may not know is a strong application (high SAT scores, good grades, extracurriculars, good personal statement, etc.) can almost guarantee a large merit scholarship (as opposed to need-based aid).  In fact, my x-girlfriend's daughter got an $80,000 merit scholarship (in addition to a need-based scholarship) to a highly-ranked university back East.  Some students get a full ride.  Only a fool would pay the full cost of college.

What's more, SAT prep will help your child get better grades in college.  Learning how to read dense, byzantine material will most certainly help any student taking a literature or philosophy class.  Learning the most important grammar rules will naturally help any student writing a paper.  The SAT Writing section was added because of the lamentations of college professors who were tired of trying to read one poorly written paper after another.  

Although I doubt prep for the SAT Math section will help a great deal in college, the funny thing is that most of the SAT math problems kids miss are word problems involving percents, long division, and fractions, not complicated algebra problems.  Americans, by and large, are overconfident of their ability to do basic math.

In just six lessons, I can not only boost a student's SAT or ACT score, but also improve their future grades in college.  I can even help them learn the vocabulary necessary in order to read high brow magazines and other publications.  That's a pretty good investment of time and money.

I offer in-home tutoring in Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Alamo, Danville, Piedmont, etc.