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Philip Hawes is Monterey's only SAT and ACT Test Prep Expert.

​With a 2390 Official SAT score (out of 2400) and over 10 years of test prep tutoring experience, Philip Hawes can show your child tricks, tips, and techniques that can  boost your child's SAT score by hundreds of points.  Some students gain over 350 points.  
I tutor Monterey students in their homes and at the Monterey Public Library on Pacific Street.  Around 90% of my business is SAT prep and PSAT prep tutoring, while the other 10% is divided among ACT prep tutoring, LSAT prep tutoring, and Personal Statement editing.  My students range from those who are trying to get into Stanford, MIT, NYU, or Princeton to those who are trying to get into a certain school just because they like the location and/or have friends there. 

I have tutored and taught hundreds of SAT prep students, covering all 3 areas: SAT math, SAT critical reading, and SAT writing/essay.  Regardless of which subject I am tutoring or teaching, my goal is to explain the material in as simple a manner as possible.  Whether the student is striving for a perfect score or has only a mediocre score and wants just a reasonable improvement, I try to make my lesson as simple and straight to the point as possible.  This way the student understands me and learns the material as easily as possible.

The majority of my SAT math students gain from 80 to 140 points, the majority of my SAT critical reading students gain from 70 to 110 points, and the majority of my SAT writing students gain from 100 to 150 points.  A few students, however, make huge gains to their scores.  One kid went from the mid 500's in writing to an 800.

I have been tutoring the SAT, PSAT, and ACT since 1997, when I was in college. Since then I have worked for
several highly regarded tutoring companies. I tutor on my own now. I have an official SAT score of 2390 (out of 2400).  

Please feel free to contact me even if you just want to ask a few questions.​

My cell phone number is 408-250-7607

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