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SAT PSAT and LSAT Prep Tutoring

My official scores on the new SAT (the SAT we have now) are 790, 800, 800 (total of 2390 out of 2400), all of which are well into the 99th percentile. I took the new SAT in 2009 in order to get recent scores and to get a score on the new test (old test was out of 1600 points).

Most people know very little about the SAT and PSAT, although most people know a student's SAT score counts at least as much as all four years of high school grades when it comes to the college admissions process. Some of what people  ​think they know is actually incorrect. Probably the most surprising fact is that the math and writing sections of the  SAT cover only a very limited range of topics. In fact, the vast majority of the math most high school students take, is not on the SAT. Nor do high school math classes cover all of the math that is on the SAT I.

Of course it would do your score no good to study that which is not even on the test.  So although I may teach a couple of grammar rules or writing techniques that are important for college writing but are not found on the SAT, the vast majority of what I teach is on these tests.  Of course, I also teach test-taking strategies, which are skills that will help on other standardized tests.  Some of my test-taking strategies I learned from being a psychology major studying how psychologists devise tests.

My approach is both academic and psychological, and it works:  I have helped kids get accepted into NYU and MIT, as well as Stanford and the UCs.

​I offer my tutoring services to the students of Pacific Grove, CA 93950.  While I meet most of my students in their homes, I can conduct tutoring in other locations, such as the Pacific Grove Library.

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