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I have prepared hundreds of kids for the math sections of the SAT, PSAT, and ACT.  I help students relearn their math, and I help them with test-taking strategies (some people call them "tricks" or "tips").  And I know all of the tricks; I have an official score on the new SAT of 2390 (out of 2400).  Not only is that score in the 99th percentile, but it is also a great score even by Princeton, MIT, and Yale standards.  Basically, I could take the test in my sleep, missing one here or there just from carelessness.

Not only am I a good test taker, but I am a good tutor and teacher as well.  Although I can write and speak in long, complicated sentences, I speak in short, simple sentences when I tutor and teacher.  My goal is to take the complex and make it simple.  Honestly, I feel that if someone can't explain something well, then that person doesn't really understand it.  I see that all of the time.  The SAT is a test of understanding and that is why some A+ math students get terrible SAT math scores.  Memorizing a bunch of facts by itself won't enable someone to do well on the SAT.

The "tricks & techniques" that make test taking a lot easier can, at first, seem very confusing.  To tell you the truth, a few students never grasp these concepts,  but most students do and that is how they raise their SAT scores by 300 or 400 points; an average gain to the math section is 100 points.

A few of my students have raised their SAT scores by more than 400 points (not typical but possible nonetheless).  Some of my students had gotten tutoring from companies, tutoring which did little good, prior to contacting me.  I wonder what some of these companies are teaching; I think some of them just waste time and money.

Please feel free to contact me even if you just want to ask a few questions.​  I am very frank and like to talk.

My cell phone number is 408-250-7607​