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I am Philip Hawes, and ​I tutor SAT Prep in Walnut Creek, CA.  I've been tutoring test prep for many years, but only recently have I relocated the focus of my business to the SF East Bay Area.

I took the new SAT I in 2009 and 
garnered an official score of 2390 (out of 2400).  
So not surprisingly, I tutor all three areas of the SAT:
SAT Math
SAT Critical Reading
SAT Writing (multiple choice questions and scored essay)​

I quit my day job (teaching school) several years ago, and since then SAT Prep tutoring has been my full-time occupation.  I know the test backwards and forwards.  I know what is on the test and what won't appear on the test.  Because of this knowledge, I can focus my lessons on what will be on the test, although I do cover a few important grammar rules that the test does not cover.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions.  You can email me (philiphawes@yahoo.com), fill out the contact form above, text me, or just call (408-250-7607 cell).