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Walnut Creek, California
SAT PSAT ACT Test  Prep Tutoring
by Philip Hawes
I am Philip Hawes, and ​I tutor SAT Prep in Walnut Creek, CA.  I've been tutoring test prep for many years, but only recently have I relocated the focus of my business to the SF East Bay Area.

I've been tutoring off and on since 1997.
I used to tutor the old SAT, but the SAT was dramatically changed in 2005.

I took the new SAT I in early 2009, in order to get a score on it, and 
garnered an official score of 2390 (out of 2400).  
So not surprisingly, I tutor all three areas of the SAT:
SAT Math
SAT Critical Reading
SAT Writing (multiple choice questions and scored essay)​

I quit my day job (teaching school) several years ago (2008), and since then SAT Prep tutoring has been my full-time occupation, and I've tutored hundreds of SAT and ACT students.  I know the test backwards and forwards.  I know what is on the test and what won't appear on the test.  Because of this knowledge, I can focus my lessons on what will be on the test, although I do cover a few important grammar rules that the test does not cover.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions.  You can email me (, fill out the contact form above, text me, or just call (408-250-7607 cell).