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Salinas, CA 
SAT, ACT, and LSAT Test Prep Tutoring
by Philip Hawes
I have an official SAT I score of 2390 out of 2400, and I have many years of experience tutoring SAT and PSAT prep. I tutor all areas of the SAT, PSAT, and ACT: SAT math, SAT critical reading, SAT writing, PSAT math, PSAT critical reading, PSAT writing (the PSAT is very similar to the SAT, ACT math, ACT English, ACT reading, ACT essay, and ACT science.  In addition, I tutor all sections of the LSAT (the LSAT is my favorite test).

Although my hourly rate may be slightly higher than that of many tutoring centers and online tutoring companies, in the long run I am actually less expensive than they are.  I'm more efficient than they are.  In ten hours of SAT tutoring, I can raise someone's score over 300 points.   Many tutoring centers couldn't raise your child's score 300 points even if they tutored your child for 30 hours.   

Don't be fooled by a fancy website or by an office.   Get an experienced and honest tutor you can depend on to deliver.  Over the years ​I have helped literally hundreds of students improve their SAT and PSAT test scores.  For instance, one of my students in Salinas, California, raised his SAT writing score from a 540 to an 800.  A few of my students have gained over 200 points to their SAT math scores, and I have helped a few students gain over 150 points to their SAT critical reading scores.  Of course, these examples are atypical. Nevertheless, most of my students gain a total of 200 to 350 points to their SAT scores.  

Please feel free to contact me even if all you want to do is ask a few questions.​

My cell phone number is 408-250-7607
​( I get texts, too)
But I live in the Monterey Bay Area, so Salinas is very close to me.

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